DJ Duster (Russia) *Minimal Techno, Drum n Bass


Denis Duster got addicted to Jungle music in year 2002 – after listening to the CD mix of Goldie and tunes of non-famous at that moment american producers Fusebox and Gridlok.

He began DJ’ing in year 2002 on different parties in Tomsk city, Siberia. From 2002 to 2005 he is promoting drum’n’bass music in Tomsk under the “” label. During this promotion period, Denis increases the number of junglists on the parties from 30 to 300 people. In order to attract new mass, he books the best russian drum&bass DJ’s – Dj Dan, Paul B, Electrosoul System, Dj Novak, Dj Zemine and others.

In the year 2003, he opens the first and the only drum&bass portal in Siberia, together with his siberian friends Dj Di-Man and Dj Phanatique.

In the year 2004, he joins the team of the main russian drum&bass portal Jungle.RU. Same year, he is being awarded as “DJ of the year”, “Promoter of the year” and producer of the “DJ-mix of the year” by the local TV/radio show “Nova Muzika”.

During his DJ career, Denis has played in Moscow (“Propaganda”, “Ikra”), Saint Petersburg (“Tunnel”, “Object”, “Industry”), Tomsk (“Garage”, “Navigator”, “Kakadu”, “Aelita”, “Absent”, “Davidoff”, “Crazy”, “Cafe del Coffee”, “Matrix”, “Tokyo DJ Bar”, etc), Novosibirsk (“4 Rooms”, “Trium”, “Shuttle”), Nefteyugansk (“Niagara”), Nizhnevartovsk (“Arlekino”), Mountain Altay (“Sun Vibes 2005″ rave, “Wet Luck 2005″ festival), Prague and czech regions (“Le Mirage”, “Wakata”, “Sedm Vlku”, “Quintrix”, “Klub 007″, “Crash”, “Stoun”, etc), Madrid (“Twist”).

His sets were played on radios “Monte Carlo” (Tomsk), “Europa Plus” (Nefteyugansk), “Akropolis” (Prague), “Ombilikal” (France, his own show “Born In Taiga”).

His online mixes “Booksir” are being downloaded by tens thousand Internet users.

Nowadays Denis prefers two d&b sub genres: techno-influenced d&b and liquid-funk; his mixes usually contain a lot of Russian as well as foreign productions. Recently, Denis ‘duster’ also began playing minimal techno and deep house.