Monophona (Luxembourg) *Down-Tempo/Electronica


Claudine (vocals, guitars, keys)
Jorsch (drums)
Chook (production)

When Claudine and Chook first started discussing a common musical project in the winter of 2010,
they came from completely different worlds. He had discovered DJ-ing as a teenager and soon made a
name for himself not only as a turntable artist, but also as a drum&bass producer; she was a singersongwriter
touring with a folk-rock band and had an admiration for the likes of Tom Waits, Van Morrison and
Joni Mitchell. Neither one of them knew anything about the other one’s musical roots and influences. Yet,
after having built successful careers in their respective fields, they were eager to take on a new musical
challenge and search for common ground.
The result of this collaboration is Monophona, a blend of two extremes, electronic and intimate,
melodic and innovative. When the time came to take their songs to the stage, the duo was joined by Jorsch
on drums and percussion. He adds detail and dynamics to their set and, with his enthusiasm and broad
musical knowledge, soon became an invaluable asset, turning the duo into a trio.
Their debut album “The Spy” came out in November 2012. It has garnered international attention;
being voted second best album of the year on Ireland’s RTÉ2fm and was praised by Laurent Garnier as “a
real achievement”. Fink described them as “one of the best bands we’ve met while on the road”. Since their
first gig in the summer of 2011, Monophona have made a name for themselves, both in their native
Luxembourg but also abroad. They have opened for acts such as Fink, Poliça, Elektro Guzzi and Daughter
and been part of many a festival line-up, namely the Eurosonic (Groningen), the c/o Pop (Cologne), the
Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg) and The Great Escape (Brighton). In 2013, they also scored a slot at one of
Europe’s biggest festivals, the Sziget (Budapest).
At present they are ready to present their second album “Black on Black”, which will be released on
30th January 2015. While “The Spy” had been almost entirely put together in the studio, this new collection
of songs has above all been influenced by what the band has learned from playing live. A first two-track
single “Ribbons” and “Black on Black” will be out on October, 10th and another single “Thumb” will follow on
the 6th January 2015. “Ribbons” features the Luxembourgish singer-songwriter Daniel Balthasar. The band
will tour Germany in February 2015.